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Starting up? Expanding? At Bankreadyplans, we provide all of the work for you. We conduct market research for your business plan upon order and forecast your financial projections based on the data we compile in our study. Bankreadyplans provides creative writing in Word; meaning, your business plan will be custom-created without the use of industry software templates or boiler plates.


Our Business Plan Writing Services

At Bankreadyplans, our experienced team of consultants will custom create your lender-ready, investor-ready business plan. Illustrated with full-color charts and graphs, Market Analysis, Demographic Study, Target Market, Traffic Counts, Competitive Analysis, Financial Projections, and more, our plans meet all SBA guidelines, and will exceed your investors’ expectations. Bankreadyplans offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy, with revisions provided to you at no additional cost for six (6) months. Simply fill out our user-friendly questionnaire comprised of approximately 50 fill-in-the-blank questions, and Bankreadyplans will take care of the rest. Bankreadyplans also offers a contact list of investors and venture capitalists, to assist business owners with procuring venture capital. Call now to speak with a representative: 321-295-6141

  • "I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your assistance. I don’t know how I would have done it without you. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your patience with all my demands. I am so thankful that you were so gracious to make all necessary revisions and work with me through my unique challenges. All of that to say, we were selected to be a part of the program that we were submitting the business plan to. Now we are using this plan as our business "constitution" to implement all of our plans."

    Shaquita Graham
    President, King J. Transportation, Inc.
  • "Wow, this plan looks and sounds great; I thank you and your team so much for doing such an exemplary job and in such a timely manner-very professional. I really hope that this will help my idea progress forward and will most definitely be in touch if I or anybody I know needs a quality company to form a business plan with. I might contact you just to understand a few details within the week."

    CEO, Adam Kirsch
    President, Rocket Subs, Inc.
  • "This is awesome. You’re the king in business plan writing."

    Chidum Okwue
    Founder and Director, The Knowledge Arena
  • "The business plan is very good. Just how I would imagine it... the plan is awesome. Thank you again, we love the way the plan looks and expresses the way we want to portray our company."

    John Guilford
    President, GTS Inc.
  • “I have received the Business Plan and I have to tell you that, at this point, after going over it with my wife, we are more than happy with the results. I am certain my business partners are going to be ecstatic after reading it. I want to thank you for such a timely response and a job well done. I would recommend your company to any of my friends who desire to go into business for themselves. Thanks again.

    N.L. Crawford III
    Founder and CEO of Operations, Southern Comfort Restaurant
  • "The plan looks great. Too great in fact. Do you guys have a way to dummy it down?"

    Founder, David Lee
    President, Dklee Photography, LLC
  • "I just read the plan. It looks GREAT. Your team did a fantastic job... If i need to make any adjustments, I will call you and keep you updated on how things go with the SBA. Thanks again"

    Akeshi Imogie
    Founder, KESH, LLC
  • "Thank you very much. Your company did an amazing job."

    Ankur Kapoor
    President, Gola Group

Business Plan Content

Executive Summary
Mission Statement
Keys to Success
Current Status
Company Ownership
Company History
Start-up / Expansion
Product Description
Service Description
Sales Literature

Projected Sales Growth
Sourcing and Fulfillment
Future Services
Market Analysis
Market Segmentation
Target Market
Market Needs
Market Trends
Market Growth
Buying Patterns
Marketing Strategy
Online Marketing Strategy

Positioning Statement
Pricing Strategy
Promotion Strategy
Distribution Strategy
Marketing Programs
Sales Strategy
Industry Analysis
Distributing Services
Direct Competitors
Strategy and Implementation
Value Proposition
Competitive Edge

Sales Forecast
Sales Programs
Future Goals
Management Summary
Organizational Structure
Management Team
Break-even Analysis
Profit and Loss
Projected Cash Flow
Balance Sheet
Business Ratios
5-Year Pro Formas
… and more

Getting Started

At BankReadyPlans, we are committed to providing the most detailed and effective business plan for your company. Each company is as unique as the people behind it, and our plans are custom written for each individual venture. Call now and have your complete business plan in as little as 7 business days.

Call now to speak with a representative: 321-295-6141

Strategic Business Planning

With Bankreadyplans, you’re not alone with your business planning. We will not only convey your strategy and implementation, we’ll use our experience to guide you toward efficient operational strategies.

100% Guarantee

Your business plan is 100% guaranteed. If there are any changes or additions needed to your business plan, we’ll provide the revisions at no additional cost (for six months from the time of completion).

In a Rush?

Deadlines are important. Please tell us about your needs and we’ll provide an expedited service designed to meet your specific timeline.

Our Method

Bankreadyplans specializes in the custom creation of business plans for small businesses and franchises. Some business plan writing firms charge thousands of dollars for their business plan writing services. For most small businesses, that’s a considerable percentage of the amount they are requesting for a loan. This has left small business entrepreneurs with two choices… pay the same rate for a business plan that would be created for a multi-million dollar venture or write the business plan on their own. Since 2008, Bankreadyplans has been leveling the playing field with an affordable service that caters to the over 28 million small businesses looking to expand and the over 543,000 new businesses getting started each month in the United States (according to Forbes). At Bankreadyplans, the client remains the focal point. Each business plan is created with one purpose in mind… to drive real monetary results to the entrepreneur through a feasible, working business plan. The goal is not only a loan approval or VC procurement, but to develop a blueprint for the entrepreneur to follow and foster a business process that capitalizes on well-executed marketing strategies.

Terms and Conditions

Bankreadyplans will provide revisions to the business plan at no additional cost for six (6) months from the date of completion. Extensive revisions and rewrites may be subject to additional fees; however, the client shall be notified of any additional charges before any additional work is conducted on the business plan. If the questionnaire has not been submitted and no work has been conducted on the business plan, the payment is refundable in full. However, due to consultation costs and the extensive work performed to create each business plan, all transactions are non-refundable upon submission of the questionnaire.

Your Business Plan

Each business plan is written upon order to meet the specific objective (i.e. SBA loan approval, procure venture capital, E-2 or L-1 visa, commercial lease, etc.) for our client. The process takes approximately 7 to 10 business days to complete upon receipt of the questionnaire and other info contributed by the client. The average business plan written by Bankreadyplans ranges from 18 to 25 pages, depending on the information related to product and service description, management team bios, etc.

Have Questions?

Our experienced staff will answer any questions you may have. Call now to receive your Questionnaire or simply click on the [Order Now] button above. Once your order is processed, you will be assigned a consultant, ensuring a highly personalized service for you and your venture.

Call now to speak with a representative: 321-295-6141


Bankreadyplans understands the importance of creating a compelling and engaging proposal that quickly highlights the offering, the break-even point, and the expectation for an aggressive return on their investment.

Our Team

Established in 2008, Bankreadyplans has written 3,000+ business plans.

International Plans

Bankreadyplans works with ventures outside the U.S., including non-profit organizations and charities. Please contact us for more information on how we can help with your cause.


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